Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney

No matter how we’d like to avoid car accidents forever and never experience one again, the statistics are against us. By hiring an auto accident lawyer when you or a loved one get into an accident, you can help prevent a lot of bad situations from popping up. Once you read these reasons, we think… Read more »

Why choose Simmonds & Wright?

The attorneys at Simmonds & Wright have represented only people injured by other people’s negligence for over 30 years. Believe it or not, the law firms that seem to advertise the most for these types of cases in Mankato actually spend a good deal of their time and firm resources representing insurance companies. In other… Read more »

Importance of picking the right lawyer.

Picking the right lawyer when you’ve been injured in an accident can be critical to the outcome of your case. In Mankato, the bigger the law office, more likely the lawyers are representing insurance companies while they advertise to take your case. There is nothing ethically improper about representing insurance companies at the same time… Read more »

What is Minnesota No-fault?

The Minnesota No-fault Act was passed in 1974. Although there have been many changes to the law since then the basics have remained in place. Many people don’t have a sense of what no-fault means until they are injured in an accident. It is at that time that they realize that their own insurance company… Read more »