Case Results


Description: 30 year old man hit head-on in Minneapolis suburb.

Injury: Broken foot, knee meniscus injury, head trauma, and neck injury.

Outcome: $170,000


Description: 57 year old woman hit as a pedestrian while on her morning walk.

Injury: Comminuted fracture of the left humerus.

Outcome: $25,000


Description: 68 year old man slipped and fell in his apartment building parking lot.

Injury: Severe comminuted fractures of the tibia.

Outcome: $57,500


Description: 8 year old boy struck in the crosswalk on his way to school.

Injury: Severe fracture of the left femur requiring a special fixator for leg length discrepancy.

Outcome: $310,000


Description: 33 year old man was driving a rural gravel road on his way to  work when tractor trailer loaded with pigs failed to yield at the intersection.

Injury:  Severe degloving of the lower body requiring multiple skin grafts, multiple comminuted fractures of the pelvis, left femoral deep vein thrombosis, colostomy, urinary tract dysfunction, scarring.

Outcome: $5.1 million


Description: 6 year old boy bitten in the face by the neighbor’s dog.

Injury: Laceration with minor scar near the mouth.

Outcome: $44,000


Description: 3 year old struck in the eye by a defective product.

Injury: Loss of vision to right eye.

Outcome: $480,000


Description: 40 year old man rear-ended at high speed.

Injury: Soft tissue injuries to the ribs, neck and shoulder.

Outcome: $30,000