Southern Minnesota Truck Crashes Prove to be Deadly

Car and truck accidents have been seen often in the news lately in Southern Minnesota.

In one case, a person was killed and another was seriously injured when a semi-truck and a car collided.

A Pontiac Grand AM was headed north on a local highway when it crossed left of center and collided with the semi-truck, according to Sheriff’s deputies.

The driver of the Grand AM was pronounced dead at the scene. The semi-truck driver did sustain serious injuries and was transported to a local medical facility.

This accident closed the roadway for nearly 5 hours so the accident could be investigated and the scene cleaned up.

In a second accident, a pickup truck hit a semi on Bridge Street in Owatonna in the early afternoon. The intersection is a four-way intersection and traffic was disrupted for quite some time as the driver of the pickup truck was removed from the vehicle and the crime scene was investigated and cleaned.

The pickup truck driver was injured and transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

The semi-truck driver said he was headed to a local business when the pickup truck entered the intersection and hit the side of the trailer. The impact did leave noticeable damage. The semi-truck driver said that he was fine, but that the incident more or less caused him to have a bad day.

There were no fatalities in this accident, but this one came right on the heels of multiple people losing their lives in several accidents in Minnesota. Two of the accidents happened within a half hour of each other and involved a semi hitting an SUV when the SUV was crossing a highway. The driver and passenger in the SUV died in the accident.

In the second fatal accident that followed approximately 15 minutes after the first, a man was standing outside of his vehicle when he was struck by a semi. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Minnesota State Patrol says that the man had parked his vehicle on the shoulder of the roadway and was said to have been standing in the middle of the northbound lane when the semi-truck hit him.

The truck driver was not injured in the accident.

In many cases, semi-truck drivers are believed to be the causes of truck accidents when, in fact, the drivers of cars, SUVs, and smaller trucks can also be at fault. Sometimes a car can cut off a semi truck driver or cross in front of them. Because semi-trucks are very large vehicles, they need more stopping distance than what many on the roads may think.

But just as motorists can be at fault, there are many cases where semi-truck drivers and the companies that they work for are responsible for truck accidents. Fatigued drivers, shifting loads, trailers that are not properly secured, and carelessness are all contributors to some of the truck-related accidents that occur on Minnesota’s roads, streets, and highways.