Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney

No matter how we’d like to avoid car accidents forever and never experience one again, the statistics are against us. By hiring an auto accident lawyer when you or a loved one get into an accident, you can help prevent a lot of bad situations from popping up. Once you read these reasons, we think you’ll agree.

You Can’t Do It By Yourself

We completely understand that when it comes to accidents, damages, and police officers, you might want to simply “handle things yourself.” While this is admirable, especially if you think that nothing truly bad has gone wrong, you simply don’t know if the other person will abide by this agreement. Sometimes, the damage from an auto accident can happen internally and it might be days or weeks before you or the other party decides to seek medical treatment. If this happens and is determined to be from the accident, you may end up going into legal proceedings anyways. Instead of getting blindsided by the law, why not proactively hire an auto accident lawyer to make sure that everything is OK?

Damages, Damages, Damages

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, then you need to take it upon yourself to hire an auto accident lawyer so that you get exactly what you’re owed under the law. All too often, people are just happy to be out of a traumatic situation and have someone else’s insurance send them a new car or repair an existing one. But if you’ve suffered because of an auto accident, you deserve compensation under the law. Car accident lawyers are the only ones that will be trained and specialized enough to get you what you’re owed, down to the exact penny. Instead of suffering in silence and moving on from a terrible thing, get what you’re owed and build back better.

Get Justice for Wrongs

Sometimes, auto accidents are so deadly that the damages go far beyond monetary or property damages. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that in the first nine months in 2019, there were 26,730 deaths from accidents in the country. It’s one thing to have to replace your car or go through physical therapy, both of which can be paid for and achieved, but it is another thing entirely to have to lay a loved one to rest. For those damages that cannot be righted, you can pursue justice for those that have caused those wrongs. If you’re the victim of an auto accident that caused someone in your car to perish, the person who perpetrated that wrong needs to be punished.

Insurance Can Be Frustrating

Often you can do everything right, but still get bad outcomes. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and their bureaucratic structures that seem immovable and slow at times. Remember that it’s in the nature of insurance companies to investigate claims carefully to guard against fraud, but this can mean that there are long wait times for you to pay bills and get the money that’s owed to you. When you hire an auto accident lawyer to be on your side, they can often suggest to insurance companies that expedited processes are in their best interest.

Don’t Go It Alone: Hire Some Help

If you’ve just been in an auto accident, you probably have a lot on your mind. Medical bills might be piling up, you could be suffering from physical or mental trauma, and your car may be in dire need of repairs. The last thing you want during all of this trouble is legal hassles surrounding you and your family threatening to harm you further. By hiring auto accident lawyers to help you out during this time of distress, you’re doing the practical thing to remedy the situation. Car accident attorneys are trained and competent in this area of the law, knowing everything that you need to do and file to make things right. Whether you are at fault or the victim, don’t waste time by not hiring an auto accident lawyer. When you’re ready to move on from an accident, be sure to contact Simmonds and Wright Law Firm.